Sep 30, 2008

My Dream Car

I had an accident! When I was driving ,the cat acrossed the street. And I stepped on the brakepedal. The other driver was tailgating, and he hit my car. The another car hit my car's bumper. I'll have to replace taillight and bumper.


Chisa said...

When have you had an accident?
I did't know that.
I hope you're fine.

Ayumi said...

Hey, are you ok?
I'm very surprised about your accident. I hope you are safety.

minami said...

Hi,Rino.Are you ok?;;
You had bad luck but I'm relievedto hear about you're safety.

narumi said...

Are you ok?
When if driveing take care.

ahmed said...

hi rino
that is good car
take care

N A W A F said...

Oh I hope you are ok after the accident