Nov 7, 2008

Japanese Bilding

This is Kinkaku. There is it in Kinkakuji. It is made of gold. It made in 1397. This picture was taken by Paul Davidson. It is really famous bilding in Japan. I saw it when I was a junior high scool student. It was so beautiful.


ahmed said...

nice bilding

Chisa said...

I've been to Kyouto,too.
It was very fantastic!
Why don't you go to Kyouto again after we go back our country?

minami said...

I like this buiding!!
It's so beautiful.

Ayumi said...

It's wonderful!
I want to go to there and see.

narumi said...

I have been to Kyoto.
Kyoto is good place.
I like Kinkakuji.
So beautiful.